To order and payment of the Product

The Successmore Businessman must show your code and ID card when need to order the products every time and must complete the order form whether purchase by Normal or BMC.

Normal Order ROC (Regular Order Channel) It means that the Successmore Businessman purchase of goods, then get points (PV) products in the Code of this person immediately.

Special Order BMC (Business Mobile Channel) It means that Successmore Businessman can order Success products for distribution to members of their organizations. This system can save the time and reducing costs of travel which to be simplifying to manage their corporation of the Business. The Successmore Businessman should consider for using BMC in the right amount .It shouldn’t much more than the size of your business. The Successmore Businessman should carefully study detail as well as the condition in the purchase order every time before purchase BMC system.

The ordering channel

To order at the counter (Counter Order) The Successmore Businessmen can order the goods at headquarters of Successmore Being or service centers of all branches where it links to open the operation in the future around country

To order the goods online (Order Online) The company increased the ease and speed of service for the purchase order for the Businessman Successmore by Transaction Purchase Order Products through the website The system ordered Products. This system helps to manage the time ,convenience and accuracy of items ordered.To us this service online of the Businessman Successmore can be done for your own and the member in your organization only.

The method of payment

1.Counter Bank

In case of a purchase order by phone, you can choose to pay by transfer the money to a bank account in the name of   "Successmore Being Co., Ltd."

  • Kasikorn Bank, Major Avenue Ratchayothin savings account number 627-2-15139-1.
  • Krung Thai Bank branches Avenue Ratchayothin savings account number 981-3-84920-7.
  • Bangkok Bank Ratchayothin Branch Savings Account No. 941-0-10171-2.
  • Siam Commercial Bank Branch Avenue Ratchayothin savings account number 403-9-51345-6.

You can identify the transfer through

  • website: or
  • by phone, the number is 0-2511-5955 or
  • e-mail:

to confirm the payment.This purchase ordered will be completed.

2.Self payment

In the case of Successmore Businessmen has ordered the goods at the center of Successmore company in person, or order by phone, but you choose to pay in person at the branch, you can pay by:-

  • Cash
  • Credit cards (you must be the real owner of that credit card. You cannot be able to use the other person credit card. You need to show your ID card along with your credit card for this matter.)

3.Payment through ATM (ATM)

In the case of purchase ordered by phone, you can select a method of payment through ATM Of the Bank’s ATM card to access. To transfer to the Successmore Being Co. Ltd,. account.

After your payment the transfer, you can identify the transfer through

  • the website. or
  • by phone at 0-2511-5955 or 
  • e-mail: support@successmore.local

to confirm. So the payment of the purchase order will be completed.

*** Notes

  • The Successmore Businessmen should not transfer money to the Company before to implementation of the ordered goods. The company can refuse to any transaction of the Businessman Successmore for the responsible in all cases.
  • The payment of purchase ordered such as ATM banking (ATM) or internet bank will deduct fees from account of Businessman Successmore users as per rate of each bank.