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SYN-AKE – Highly innovative anti-aging extract mimics snake venom, and won Swiss Technology Award 2006. SYN-AKE has prominent feature in revitalizing your skin back to its healthy state, fading away marks, and revealing your radiant, smooth, and younger skin.

SYN-TC – A synthetic peptide complex that stimulates natural collagen function underneath your skin. Tri-peptide and Palmitoyl Dipeptide activate the replenishment of elastin and hyaluronic acid that make skin feels elastic and tightened.

h-EGF – Human Epidermal Growth Factor effectively and rapidly fill up deep marks, and heal scars by stimulating new skin cells replenishment.

GP4G – Sea plankton extract maximize performance of other active ingredients, stimulate keratin creation under epidermis, and collagen under dermis layer. These factors protect your skin against damage from heat and sunlight, and also refuel your skin cells.

Galactoferm – This innovative, deep-skin nourishment prevents melanin production, boosts skin cells replenishment, moisturizes, and reduces skin inflammation.

Beta-Glucan – As a collagen production booster and antioxidant, Beta-Glucan makes your skin glow, reduce lines and marks, and effectively protect you skin against skin cancer causing by UV ray.

Red Rose Wine Extract – Premium-grade red wine extract made from the most famous Spanish Tempranilo grape. The extract contains outstanding antioxidant called “resveratrol” that prevents skin darkening, irritation, itching, and leaves your skin moisturized, refreshed, and pore tightened.

DIRECTIONS: Apply daily on your body after evening or night shower.