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Active Ingredient

Amitose Goa
Vitamin C derivative is a new innovation from Japan helping to resist free radicals while moistening skin as well as brightening your skin naturally. It also helps to stimulate the function of Collagen helping to reduce wrinkles while tightening pores and smoothening your skin. It also helps to relieve irritation and inhibit the cause of acne, spots, and scars.

β – White
It is the first agent found to be able to inhibit melanin generation in gene level (Give fair skin from gene level). Based on the survey results, it was found that your skin can be whitened within 56 days.

Hyaluronic Acid
It helps to maintain skin’s moisturizer and water while moistening and stimulating collagen generation as well as preventing wrinkles.

Algisium C
It helps to moisten your skin while stimulating elastin and collagen generation as well as able to reduce fat and cellulite levels. It also improves efficiency of blood circulation, reduces irritation, and relaxes skin.

It helps to stimulate skin cells general while peeling dead cells revealing new and bright skin with more flexibility and firmness. Moreover, it also helps to stimulate elastin and collagen generation while helping to reduce wrinkles, heal skin, and restructure your skin to become healthy skin.

Witch Hazel Extract
It is a kind of plant from North America that is considered as an antioxidant helping to protect your skin from pollution while tightening and making pores to be more shallow giving smooth skin. It also helps to reduce skin oil generation, eliminate excessive oil, kill bacteria, reduce acnes, and stimulate collagen and elastin generation giving firm, smooth, radiant, soft, and moistened skin.

It is a natural extract from Symphytum Officinale helping to stimulate skin peeling gently while generating new skin cells.
It helps to nourish your skin after posing sunlight while helping to relieve irritation revealing smooth and bright skin.

Direction:  For nourishing skin after showering.

Content: 350 milliliters