Active Ingredients

Sym-White 377 Extract From The Bark Of The French Pine Tree.
Classified as the safest whitening Agent and the highest brightness
Agent. It also stimulates tyrosinase Enzyme which causes melanin Pigmentation, so it helps to reduce
The dark circles of the skin. Reduce dark spots, freckles and make skin smooth and healthy.

Unitone from Germany
Is the latest technology (ineo cell) to transfer substances to the epidermis layer (outer layer) directly to release important substances more effectively.

Whitening Complex 7 ชนิด from Japan.
Helps the dull skin to brighten skin by direct to inhibit the melanin process all step, the cause of dull and aging skin to appears
brighten and healthy skin.

Fucogel from France is Bio-technology.
Gets from the nature fermentation. Helps retain water in the skin. Helps to fill moisture and extend the age of the skin. Helps your skin always smooth, soft, lively as youth skin.

Dermaveil extract from the bark of the willow from Japan.
Helps to moisturize the skin layer. Makes brighten and younger skin.

Matrixyl 3000 peptide from France.
Is the mixture of pal-ghk and pal-gqpr that helps to produce collagen, which is an important component of skin structure.
Also added flexibility and stimulates the turnover process of cell, promotes regeneration and slows down cell degeneration.
Helps to restore and keeps the skin always looks youth.

Collaxyl collagen from France.
Is the amino acid peptide by sort the order of the amino acid:
glycine – proline – glutamine that has been patented by synthetic imitation of the structure of the collagen in the skin to strengthen the skin structure, firm and tighten up.

Direction: :
Apply cream all over face every morning and night.