Active Ingredients

Natto Gum Extract
From Japan,
 consist with soy fermentation process. By Using
Bacillus natto bacteria, which in Natto contains Polyglutamic acid,
which has the ability to store moisture up to 5000 times. Help
to maintain the balance of water and oil under the skin. Keep
your skin moisturized continuously. Reveal clean, youthful and
healthy skin.

Salmon Ovary Peptide (SOP)
From Japan,
 new technology of fish extract, salmon ovary extracts
contain nutrients that are closest to what humans want most that
encourages new skin exfoliation, naturally whitening skin, reduce
wrinkles, stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin under
the skin.

From Australia,
 high vitamin C, protects skin from oxidant and
adjusts consistency the skin color to looks whiten and clear.

From Switzerland, rich in minerals and antioxidants
that has properties to help reduce deep wrinkles to looks shallower. Prevent premature
aging and also can regenerate cells that was destroyed by UVA and UVB. The test results
showed that it can prevent melanin formation 73% and can antioxidant up to 50%.

Makolri Extract
From Korea,
 helps to remove impurities on the face and also prevent the formation of pigmented melanin that causes dull skin.

Bonsurf CB Olive
Skin cleansing agent from nature, gentle on delicate skin and sensitive skin, also protects the skin moisturizer, feels smooth
and moisturized skin after cleansing.

Direction : Squeezes the elastic foam on palm then stretch the
foam with water until gets fine bubble foam is fine, massages gently
over face and rinses with clean water.

Net weight 100 g