Active Ingredient

Aloe Barbadensis Mil Aloe Vera

For oily skin

It is generally acknowledged that Aloe Vera is considered as a miracle plant helping to heal wound caused by burning and irritation. Anyway, how is Aloe Vera good for your skin? It is not only beneficial as medical product and for disease treatment but Aloe Vera is also the best ingredient of cosmetic industry when using with skin care products. It is considered as the active ingredient that is beneficial to your skin directly while helping to resist bacteria generation and improve new cells generation. It also helps to resist free radicals while helping to prevent destruction of skin cells. Aloe Vera is considered as the gentlest natural method for skin helping to resist wrinkles and reduce spots. Aloe Vera is considered as the most excellent moisturizer helping to increase oxygen to skin that is destroyed by sunlight therefore your skin will be strengthened and recovered. Aloe Vera is considered as the miracle plant created by nature. According to several historical references and evidence, From the past to present, Aloe Vera has been used for healing several severe diseases as well as the beauty tip of Cleopatra for skin nourishing.

Anti-Wrinkles (Aging Skin)

Aloe Vera is considered as the miracle plant helping to nourish, moistening, preventing, and reducing premature wrinkles while revitalizing your skin. You can replace facial spa with Aloe Vera gel by applying Aloe Vera on the problem areas of your face and gently massaging your face before going to bed without rinsing. Aloe Vera gel is the complete formula gathering all demands of all skin problems. You can also increase collagen level in your skin by applying Aloe Vera to your skin every day then you can notice changing of your skin to be healthy skin clearly. Generation of new collagen is considered as the important factor helping to prevent aging skin and wrinkles. Moreover, Aloe Vera gel also helps to protect your skin form roughness and protect your skin cells from destruction of oxidation while helping to heal skin cells destroyed by sunlight.

Acne Treatment

This Aloe Vera gel is consisted of better property in resisting inflammation of epidermis than that of general acne treatment cream. You just apply small amount of this gel on acne then such acne will be gradually relieved and recovered without giving any scar.

Co-Enzyme Q10

Slowing Down Degeneration of Skin Cells

Pollution caused by current social environment (e.g., toxics, cigarette smoke, air pollution, and ultraviolet)  affects to human’s skin cells directly. These kinds of pollution also damage human’s skin cells by accelerating cellular degeneration. This damage will be caused when existing free radicals increase upon frequency of daily pollution exposure. However, since antioxidants in Q10 are able to resist free radicals, it helps to fight with Free Radicals causing premature skin leaving only healthy and fresh skin.

Anti-Premature Wrinkles

Coenzyem Q10 content will be in the highest level when you are in the age of young adult and it will be reduced continuously when you are older. As a result, when Coenzyme Q 10 level in skin is lower, the capability in generating collagen and elastin will be reduced as well. Consequently, the most important thing for young, firm, smooth, and soft skin is using nourishing cream added with Coenzyem Q10 after daily use. Q 10 will be absorbed to skin layers helping to reduce wrinkles.

Phytocytol BLM

It is a kind of flavonoids extracted from 3 types of plants, i.e., flowers and stems of Scutteelaria, Chinese strawberry, and tangerine.

-Help to resist free radicals.

-Help to relieve spots and scars caused by acne.

-Protect skin from sunlight.

Phyto Hyaluronic Acid WSK obtained from Silver Ear Mushroom

-Help to maintain moisture.

-Help to relieve skin fold.


Direction : Lightly apply on your body and facial skin after showering or cleaning your face before going to bed and exposing to sunlight or after exposing to sunlight.

Content: 75 ml.