Membership Renewal

  • Successmore’s businessmen will hold the status of Successsmore’s businessman for 1 year from the date of applying
  • Our company provides the grace period for 90 days after expiration of membership and the company still transfers the commission normally if such member still has other qualifications for getting the commission as defined by the company. However, the company will delete the commission of such member code from the system after the grace period.
  • Any member who does not renew the membership is able to purchase products but there is no payment of any bonus under the company’s Marketing Plan and there is also no remaining PV for any member with expired membership.
  • During the period after expiration of membership without any renewal, Successmore’s businessmen shall not receive any accident welfare in the event of death, loss of organs, and permanent disability as defined in the conditions of accident insurance defined by the company and shall not receive any Success magazine until the renewal is completed.
  • To cancel member code, our company will cancel member code in the following cases:

– In the event that the member has already applied for the membership but fails to send a copy of his/her own ID Card later than 2 months of the applying date.

– In the event that the member fails to purchase any product consecutively over than 3 years from the last order.

  • The fee of membership renewal is 150 baht/year and members are able to renew their membership prior 90 days of expiration. The renewal shall be made year by year only.
  • Members can renew membership at our branches or via online system.
  • Any member who can complete renewal within the grace period will get a new membership for 1 year from the expiration date of former membership. However, if the membership is renewed after the grace period, new membership period will be commenced from the renewal date.
  • Our company reserves the right in considering on accepting or denying any person who applies for a businessman of Succesmore without giving any reason to such person in all cases whether such person has ever applied for a businessman of Successmore. To apply for a businessman of Successmore, the complete status of Successmore’s businessman will be gained after recording data of the Application Form in the computer system and completeness of such Application Form and other documents shall be inspected completely by the company’s staffs. Sending any Application Form or document to the company via mail or in person is not considered as completion of application.
  • Our company would like to reserve the right to consider on accepting or denying any renewal of membership of any businessman in all cases in the event that such businessman performs any action that is contrary to the code of conduct of performs any business under the improper guidelines or ignores warning of the company and pays no attention on changing his/her own business operation to base on good principles.