Rules and ethics

1.Uphold the good ethical standard.

The golden rule of ethics at Successmore is “do unto others as you want done unto you.”

2.The person you have chosen to sponsor must be of legal age.

The age criteria for the application as a Successmore proprietor, is a minimum of 18 years. For those who have not reached 20 years of age, consent from the legal guardian or parents is necessary.

3.The Successmore proprietor has to be sincere in the presentation of the income that can be attained.

Each proprietor must present the Successmore business plan in a straightforward sincere manner. No over claim regarding the income must be made. Successmore is not a short cut to wealth. It is a business that requires personal growth and transportation that requires dedication in doing the right thing.

4.The presentation of the products performance should be sincere.

The information provided to customers must be truthful and reliable. It is best to present the products in the manner endorsed by Successmore. The best way to convince the customers is to relate your true experience in using the products.

5.Do not leave your customers

All Successmore proprietors must be responsible in the care of customers with regular visits. During visits the proprietor must follow up on the performance of the products purchased and introduce new products.

6.Do not engage in price cutting

Price cutting will reduce the profit of Successmore proprietors and it is taking an unfair advantage of other proprietors. In addition it would create a negative image affecting Successmore as an organization and the rest of the proprietors.

7.Do not convince others to change their business organization

Successmore proprietors must respect the harmony of each business organization. Therefore, no proprietor should get involved or assist any other person in another organization whether directly or indirectly to resign and reapply in his/her organization regardless of any reason to do so.

8. If you invite a person to join your business you must be prepared to be responsible.

The success of Sucessmore proprietors is dependent on the number and quality of the people in the organization. These two factors are dependent on your responsibility. You must set the example through constant development to inspire those in your organization. By having the right thoughts and doing the right things to transform your progress to support those in your organizations. This would inspire them to think and act with you as their example.

9. Do not display Successmore products in retail stores or trade exhibitions

The display of Successmore products in retail environments violates the business practice of the company. It creates unfair competition among the Successmore proprietors thus violating the company’s regulations.

10. Do not stock or force others to stock products

You and the people in your organization should have enough products for your consumption, for your customers, and for product demonstrations only.

11.Do not use the Successmore network for selling products that do not belong to the company

Sales of products and services that do not belong to Successmore through the company’s network violate the ethical conduct. It creates confusion and difficulty in operations. In addition it is not beneficial to the other Successmore proprietors.

12. Do not use the knock-door strategy to sell Successmore products

Successmore is a business founded on personal relationships that requires constant contact. Therefore, the knock-door strategy or dissemination of printed media, direct mail, digital media, or television damages the image of Successmore proprietors.

13. Do not pressure customers to buy products

Successmore proprietors need to be respectful of the right of others. Therefore, proprietors should not pressure customers to buy products. This practice would result in a negative image towards Successmore proprietors, organizations, and the company.

14. Do not violate the trademark and copyright of Successmore products

Successmore proprietors must respect the company’s trademark and copyright. The company must approve the use of Successmore name or logo in any communications and sales promotion materials.

15. Must not engage in direct sales with other companies

Successmore proprietors must not engage in the direct sales business with other companies. This is because it would affect the image of Successmore proprietors and create confusion resulting in damage to the company.

16. Production of print or other media for business purposes

Production of print or other media for communications using the name and logo that would create a misunderstanding that it was created by Successmore is prohibited.

17. Must not put the first and last name of anyone who is not in the business in the organizational structure

The company does not allow the inclusion of the name of any individual as a customer or proprietor in the Successmore organization without any involvement with the company or consent. Should the company find out regarding this non-existent individual, the company would cancel the corresponding membership number

Foundations for building a trusted leader

1.Loyalty, sincerity, and justice in leading the team

You must have loyalty, sincerity, and justice in order to create trust in you. This trust is critical for you to have the integrity in leading the organization.

2.Having a giving heart and sharing reasonably

You must a good giver in order to win the hearts of the people in the organization. By being a good giver it is important to give in an appropriate manner. As the management of the organization it is necessary to share knowledge, experience, and time. This includes being sensitive and paying for meals. In this way you can achieve respect, which is crucial for the management of the organization.

3.Having the ability to achieve goals and develop people simultaneously

It is important to achieve your business goals and show progress in order to again acceptance. However, such progress alone is not enough. It is important to develop the people in your organization otherwise it would become a limitation to your growth hence creating an obstacle to sustainable development. Therefore as a leader your most important mission is to develop your team.

4. Open your mind to continuous learning and self development

A critical component for success at Successmore is your level of enthusiasm to learn and transform yourself. There is no one so knowledgeable that they no longer need to learn or develop continuously. In addition by being such an enthusiast you will gain respect thus promoting your success. This enables you to help others achieve their goals and in effect driving more success for your business.

5. Set bigger goals with the passion to succeed

Always moving forward to capture bigger goals with a passion makes you an inspiration to others. In addition your passion would drive the people in your organization to success. Through your continued passion you can achieve higher goals leading to more success.

6. Develop internal and external character to suit your desired level of success

Developing a good character is an important catalyst for maintaining your success. The internal character includes confidence, determination, courage, positive attitude, and being a giver. The external character is dressing appropriately, setting your hair and looks as well as managing your posture in walking, sitting, and standing to be elegant. You also need to be careful of the words you say in various situations and need to have a firm grip on your emotions. If you can master these two characters you would receive praises that are worthy of your success.

7. Knowing to evaluate yourself, your team, and your performance fairly

Success starts with knowing your condition. In order to be able to evaluate yourself well you must take into consideration two issues. First you must understand the value and importance of evaluation. Second you must have the right principles for evaluation so that you can use the results for further development. In addition you must be able to apply this evaluation to the people in your organization to measure their performance by understanding the factors in play. This will lead you to understand how to improve the organization’s performance for better results.

8. Having the correct vision for creating sustainable growth for the organization

You must be able to visualize the success of a large stable organization not simply a set of daily activities. You must have a vision that would build your organization from a blue print with clear directions. You must be able to separate the superficial aspects from the real drivers of long-term success. In this way you may achieve true sustainable success.

9. Having creativity in solving problems for moving forward for progress

The road to success of a large organization is not paved with roses. In fact you would be constantly tested with obstacles and problems. You must learn to have the art in managing these problems to ensure you keep moving to your goal of success. To solve the problem you must understand it, seek the cause, find a solution, and implement it. By simply following these steps you can keep moving forward eventually attaining your success.

10. Always having a positive attitude

Having a positive attitude even in the face of disappointment is important. It drives you to have the energy despite being denied. By being positive you see things as a challenge and work harder to overcome the denial of others. The positive energy becomes a powerful motivator giving you more strength enabling you to perform better than the average person.

Regulations on Online and Social Media Marketing

  • Do not use SUCCESSMORE in any part of the Website, Facebook, Line, Youtube or other forms of Social Media which will happen to the future.
  • The businessman will not display product pricesor sell products at prices which is lower than the subscription price.
  • Do not take any action which make the others damaged to their property or reputation.
  • Neither the presentation nor invite others to join business or for distribution producdtions in the form of mass e-mail so much.
  • Do not cite the benefits of the productions more over than the fact and intended to mislead others as well as damaging to the brand.
  • Do not violate the privacy or other personal information by taking stories of others into public or on its website without permission by written into.
  • Do not infringe on the trademark of Success more. Do not take pictures or editing any message of the company and do not link to the company without permission or intent to mislead others.And defamatory to the reputation of the company.

Measures on Punishment

In the event that any businessman defaults these Regulations, our company will consider on performing any punishment from the following. In addition, the company would like to reserve the right to take such consideration under our appropriate discretion:

  1. Warning
  2. Sending the written Warning Letter
  3. Suspending payment of compensation
  4. Cancelling membership.

Please be kindly informed and comply with these Regulations for the same standard.